Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn
— Benjamin Franklin

The school environment is a place for learning, where teachers and peers are role-models, inspiring children to make healthy food choices. 

Research shows that a multifaceted approach is most beneficial in achieving positive nutrition outcomes, therefore I offer a range of services to help you create a whole school approach to childhood nutrition. These include incursions, parent information sessions, canteen menu assessment and training, and school newsletter articles and recipes. 

All services are tailored to meet the needs and requests of individual schools. 

Please contact us to discuss a plan that meets the goals of your school. 


Healthy Canteens Workshop

This workshop is for Principals, Teachers, Canteen Managers and Volunteers. It is tailored to suit the needs of your school. Topics that can be covered include: 

• Nutrition requirements of children 

• Using the traffic light system to plan and promote healthy eating in a canteen setting 

• Menu planning- improving nutritional value of canteen menu 

• Meeting government guidelines 

• Healthy food and drink ideas 

• Recipe ideas 

• Plus more… 

Please contact us to discuss a workshop that meets the goals of your school. 



Healthy Canteens Online Program

(Coming Soon)

As a teacher I understand the time and budgetary constraints faced by schools, which is why I developed this online program for Principals, Teachers and Canteen Managers. The online program is designed so that participants can learn at their own pace and includes a combination of videos and reading materials. Course topics include childhood nutritional requirements, using the traffic light system to plan and promote healthy eating in a canteen setting, meeting government guidelines, healthy food and drink ideas, recipe ideas. To register your school’s interest please go to the eproducts page. 



During your 1 hour incursions, I use my experience as a teacher to educate students about nutrition through fun and interactive activities. Research shows that food preferences formed in the early years track into adulthood. Students will be provided with a safe environment to try new foods and inspired to develop healthy eating habits from an early age. 

4 different incursions cater for a variety of age groups, with each incursion supporting the Australian Curriculum learning focus within Health & Physical Education. At the end of each session children will be provided with a fresh fruit platter to share. A parent information sheet is also provided to support healthy eating in the home environment. 

Register here to find out more information on how our incursions can be implemented in your school. 



Parent Information Sessions

These 40 minutes information sessions are tailored to meet the needs of your school, and are designed to inspire and empower your parents to create healthier homes and lunchboxes.

 Topics you may choose to address include healthy snack ideas, children’s nutrition and behaviour, packing healthy lunchboxes, feeding fussy eaters, increasing fruit and vegetable intake, family friendly meal ideas, and healthy eating on a budget.

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