As one of seven kids and a mother myself, I know how challenging mealtimes can be. Parents these days are busier than ever, rushing between work, school and family commitments. As a result, finding the time to prepare nutritious food and sitting down for a stress-free family meal can become a struggle. You are not alone! Between 20-50% of families report mealtime difficulties and children with fussy eating. To make matters worse, less than 1% of Australian children eat the recommended number of vegetables and less than 2/3 of school age children eat enough fruit each day.


After my father passed away from cancer in his fifties, I began reading about how nutrition can prevent certain cancers and lifestyle diseases. Eager to ensure my own young family remain healthy, I began modifying our diets to include more fruit and vegetables, and less processed foods filled with unhealthy fats, sugars and preservatives. While I’ve never been a very good cook, I tried to give my daughter a variety of home-made wholesome, nourishing foods from the moment she first started solids.