Individual Consultations



During your one hour consultation, we will discuss your main mealtime concerns and find practical strategies to address these. I create tailored strategies to suit you and your family. Topics you may wish to cover include fussy eaters, food aversions, childhood nutritional requirements and feeding skills. Phone and Skype consultations include an email with a brief summary of the key points discussed (as well as any relevant charts and tables). Click here to request a booking.

Phone and skype consultations are offered Australia wide.


Online Program For Parents

$75 (coming soon)

This online program helps busy parents who want to learn at their own pace. The program includes a combination of videos and reading materials. Course topics include childhood nutritional requirements, normal mealtime behaviours, medical reasons for fussy eating, mealtime myths, mealtime environment and routines, building your own ‘toolbox’ to prevent and overcome fussy eating. Participants will also gain access to a supportive Facebook group.

Please note this course does not replace the advice of existing medical practitioners and may not be appropriate for families whose children have a disability or medical condition requiring a feeding tube or peg. Please contact us if you have further questions.