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As one of seven kids and a mother myself, I know how challenging mealtimes can be. Parents these days are busier than ever, rushing between work, school and family commitments. As a result, finding the time to prepare nutritious food and sitting down for a stress-free family meal can become a struggle. You are not alone! Between 20-50% of families report mealtime difficulties and children with fussy eating. To make matters worse, less than 1% of Australian children eat the recommended number of vegetables and less than 2/3 of school age children eat enough fruit each day.


After my father passed away from cancer in his fifties, I began reading about how nutrition can prevent certain cancers and lifestyle diseases. Eager to ensure my own young family remain healthy, I began modifying our diets to include more fruit and vegetables, and less processed foods filled with unhealthy fats, sugars and preservatives. While I’ve never been a very good cook, I tried to give my daughter a variety of home-made wholesome, nourishing foods from the moment she first started solids.


Around the same time, my eight year old niece reached a crisis point when she was diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia. I decided to go back to uni and study Nutrition so that I could help inspire and empower other mums who were facing a variety of mealtimes challenges. This turned into a passion as I learned more about the different causes of fussy eating. It was then that I decided to use my teaching experience and newfound passion of nutrition to work with schools, parents and children.


It can be frustrating and overwhelming getting your fussy eater to try new foods and eat family dinners. There are so many possible reasons for fussy eating, and there is no one right answer that suits each family. Drawing on a range of evidence-based feeding approaches I can provide you with a ‘toolbox’ of practical strategies that equip parents with the tools and knowledge they need to overcome these challenges and help mealtimes become an enjoyable family experience. Click here to learn more about the services I offer families.

As a teacher working in both early childhood and primary school settings, I understand the importance of children’s nutrition in relation to children’s concentration and managing behaviour. I offer guidance to school canteens, helping them bring back a healthy balance and optimise children’s learning potential. I also use my experience as a teacher to inspire children to develop a love of food and make healthier choices through hands-on activities. For more information about the services I offer schools, please click here.